CHAINFLEX® cables for moving applications

chainflex cables from igus are a comprehensive solution in the world of industrial automation and motion control. Engineered and manufactured by igus, these cables are designed to excel in demanding applications where flexibility, durability, and reliability are essential.

Whether in robotics, automation, material handling or other dynamic environments, these cables provide the backbone for seamless operation, reduced downtime, and enhanced productivity.

36-Month Guarantee

We give up to 36 months guarantee on every chainflex® cable with up to 10 mill. double strokes guaranteed. Due to our tests at igus, we are able to give a unique and reliable guarantee.


igus offers a wide range of cable types, allowing users to select the most suitable cable for their specific application. Customization options are also available.


The long lifespan and reduced maintenance requirements make chainflex cables a cost-effective choice in the long run.

Proven Reliability

chainflex cables are rigorously tested in real-world conditions to ensure consistent and reliable performance, providing peace of mind to users.

Reduced Downtime

With their exceptional durability and flexibility, chainflex cables minimize downtime due to cable failure, reducing maintenance costs and increasing productivity.

igus 36-month chainflex cable guarantee

DNV approval

CE mark




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Key features:

Fail-safe chainflex® cables for energy supply systems

✓ Exeptional Flexibility: chainflex cables are renowned for their flexibility, making them ideal for applications that require constant bending, twisting, and movement. These cables can withstand millions of bending cycles without compromising performance.

✓ Highly Durable Materials: They are constructed using high-quality, abrasion-resistant materials, including specially formulated polymers, to ensure longevity and resist wear and tear in dynamic applications.

✓ Wide Temperature Range: Based on type, chainflex cables can operate efficiently across a broad temperature range, from extremely cold to high-temperature environments, thanks to their advanced materials and design.

✓ Oil and Chemical Resistance: These cables are engineered to resist exposure to oils, chemicals, and various environmental factors, making them suitable for use in harsh industrial settings.

✓ Electromagnetic Compatibility: Selected Chainflex variants are designed with EMC shielding to prevent interference and maintain signal integrity in electronic and automation systems.

Igus 36-Month Chainflex Cable Guarantee:

Unprecedented Reliability in Cable Solutions

When it comes to choosing the right cables for your machinery and automation systems, reliability is paramount. Cables are the lifelines of any automated process, and their failure can lead to costly downtime, maintenance, and potential safety hazards. That’s where igus cables stands out with its remarkable 36-month Chainflex cable guarantee.

Predictable safety through laboratory and field experience

Twenty-five years of experience from tried and tested applications and from intensive tests in the worlds largest test laboratory for cables and e-chains, reliable and verifiable statements about durability and service life can be made. On the 3,800 m² laboratory floor area, 700 tests are currently running. The tests have five main focus areas: tests of materials, tests of the technical design, quality tests during production, long-time tests of service life and customer-specific applications. The chainflex cables are tested in complex movements, with different radii and travels and they must also prove themselves in real applications under extreme conditions.

With this guarantee, we ensure that choosing chainflex for your critical application will provide cable solutions that stand the test of time. 

Our cable selection


Harnessed cables according to your individual needs or industrial standards

chainflex® cables in combination with well-known connector manufacturers (e.g. Harting, Binder, Yamaichi and many others) guarantees quality. With over 5.000 drive cables suitable for 30 manufacturer standards, you can easily find options suitable for your needs. With igus®, we can also produce harnessed cables individually according to your wishes and application requirements.

✓  Ready-to-connect directly from cable manufacturer

✓  Custom assembly

✓  To your required length

chainflex® applications

igus chainflex cables find applications across diverse industries and sectors:

Moving cables in extreme use in automated knitting

chainflex cables in Stoll flat knitting machines

The world market leader in flat knitting machines, Stoll, develops and manufactures machines that knit a complete sweater in 30 or 40 minutes – with fine mesh fabric and impressively complex designs, fully automated, of course. In 2012, Stoll presented the new ADF machine series, which is equipped with up to 32 servo motors for positioning the thread guides. There are numerous actuators on the carriage for positioning needles, inserts and lock parts. A corresponding number of cores have to be guided to the carriage, including the sensors for the extremely precise positioning of the needles. All cables are subject to high stress because they are in fact constantly in motion. The Stoll designers were recommended – according to the motto: high-end cables for high-end machines – to use cables of the CF9 and CF10 series with TPE jacket and cores wound in bundles. Since then, these cables have proven themselves in the entire ADF series.

chainflex cables for reliable data transfer and energy supply in water treatment plants

igus energy chains with highly flexible chainflex cables provide reliable energy supply and data flow for the sludge turners in one of the largest water treatment plants in the world

The construction of one of the largest water treatment plants in the world will benefit about half a million people in Egypt. HUBER, based in Bavaria, Germany, is supplying 128 HUBER Sludge Turner SOLSTICE® units for the plant. They dry the sludge collected during water processing, reducing it to one quarter of its mass and volume and transforming it into grainy particles.

Three individual cores and a CFPE cable, all with a TPE outer jacket, ensure connection to the motor. Data exchange is with an igus CFBUS cable with a PUR outer jacket. The cables are designed specifically for use in energy chains. They are also equipped with a highly abrasionresistant outer jacket and a special interior stranding. All chainflex cables are tested under real conditions in the inhouse 3,800 square metre laboratory at igus in Cologne. The cables are ULcertified, and this made onsite system approval easier.