iglidur® polymer plain bearings from igus®

Change your bearing

Switch from metal to iglidur® polymer plain bearings – save costs and improve your technology.

Making the switch from metal bearings to igus iglidur plain bearings not only addresses current industry challenges but also future-proofs applications by embracing innovative materials and engineering solutions. The enhanced performance, reduced maintenance, and increased longevity make iglidur plain bearings a compelling choice for industries seeking reliability and efficiency in their operations. 

Whether you need bearings that are resistant to chemicals, suitable for high loads or even suitable underwater: With more than 10.000 sizes in various types available, you are ensured to find a solution suitable for your individual needs. 

key advantages.

– 100% corrosion-resistant
– Long service life & coefficients of friction
– High media resistance
– High temperature resistance
– High resistance to dirt
– Lightweight

Typical application areas.

– Heavy duty/High loads (Agriculture)
– Underwater applications (Offshore)
– High temperatures (Glass production)
– Chemical resistance (Fluid technology)
– Dirt resistance (Woodworking industry)

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Maintenance-free bearings that represent a cost-effective alternative to metal plain bearings. Suitable for a wide range of applications.

Give machinery and equipment power, precision, speed and dynamics.

Hydraulic and pneumatic components.

Fresh air with mould-resistant and maintenance-free iglidur plain bearings.

Clean air in aircraft and buildings.

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Selected iglidur® products

Bytt fra metall til iglidur® polymer glidelager – spar kostnader og forbedre teknologien deres. 

Opptil 89,5 % mer kostnadseffektivt, 80 % lettere, 100 % smørefritt

I mer enn 35 år har plastlagre fra igus® vært et teknisk og økonomisk fordelaktig alternativ til metalliske glidelagre. Forbedret av presise tilsetninger av forsterkende materialer og solide smøremidler, er de egnet for bruksområder og krav av alle slag, reduserer vedlikeholdsarbeid og gir mulighet for tekniske forbedringer.

Lagre laget av høyytelsesplast er:

– Smørefrie og vedlikeholdsfrie
– Kostnadseffektive