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DRIE-D’s composite bearing and friction technology is a sustainable, maintenance-free solution that sets new standards in engineering and design. Their products are reliable, robust, and environmentally friendly. Whether you’re looking for a solution for everything that needs to rotate or slide or a combination of both, DRIE-D has got you covered.

DRIE-D’s patented D-glide® composite bearings allow higher loads than virtually all other plain bearings and have less friction and less wear. The engineers at DRIE-D are specialized in designing the best bearings for any application in demanding markets like offshore, dredging, civil structures, handling, and mission equipment. D-glide® bearings are made of a non-metallic material that provides high strength, resilience and elasticity.

Environmentally Friendly

The D-glide material is sustainable as there are no hazardous substances involved in the production. D-glide bearings completely rule out the requirement of lubrication. Therefore, they can be deployed in any type of environment without risking pollution by lubricants.

Quality & Reliability

The quality of DRIE-D’s materials is ensured by a reliable production process and material handling. Their products are reliable and robust.


DRIE-D specializes in designing the best bearings for any application in demanding markets. They offer a wide range of products that are perfect for everything that needs to rotate, slide or both.


Low Friction & Wear

D-glide® composite bearings have ultra low friction values and they are extremely wear resistant.

High Load Capacity

D-glide® composite bearings allow higher loads than virtually all other plain bearings. This makes them an ideal choice for applications in a wide range of industries. 

DRIE-D® product range

Engineered to solve problems

DRIE-D’s friction solutions include: brake linings, friction discs, clutch facings, and other components made with friction material.

DRIE-D’s composite bearing technology is a game-changer in the industry. It offers a sustainable solution that is maintenance-free and environmentally friendly. The D-glide® composite bearings are designed to handle extreme loads in the most demanding circumstances. 

Their composite bearing materials works great in harsh environments. D-glide® can meet severe demands:

✓ Sea water and other fluids

✓ Chemicals

✓ High speeds

✓ Foreign particles as sand or rust

DRIE-D® product selection

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