Due Diligence Self Service

ASI Automatikk AS

Company reg. nr: 979 308 736

Sankt Hallvards vei 3, 3414 Lierstranda, Norway

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is intended to provide contact persons at customer companies of ASI Automatikk AS information regarding how we handle your personal data.

You can read our privacy policy here:

Personvernpolicy – Norsk (pdf)

Privacy Policy – English (pdf)

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct, together with our core values (simplicity, efficiency, change, responsibility & freedom), is the basis of how we perform and act in our day-to-day work. The Code of Conduct summarises the ethical values that the Addtech Group (“Addtech”) believes must be key in our activities, providing a minimum level of acceptable behaviour and covering all employees of the Group.

You can read our code of conduct here:

Code of conduct (pdf)

Code of conduct for suppliers (pdf)

The Transparency Act

Our report contains an account of our due diligence within labor and human rights and is according to The Transparency Act that entered into force on 1st of July 2022. (www.forbrukertilsynet.no).

Our Sustainability Profile


Our sustainability profile contains all important information about our compliance with regulatory requirements and sustainability standards.


Financial Information

To see financial information and company details, visit Purehelp.no (external).


Declaration – No Russian iron/steel