For healthy and ergonomic workplaces

– Control station from Spohn+Burkhardt

An intelligently designed control station that provides a perfect solution for all complex work requirements in the industry.

Designed specifically for applications that require the most rigorous requirements on ergonomic and adjustment possibilities, the FSMMD Ultra control station stands out in the market. With its extensive adjustment distances of seats and side consoles, the operator can work either seated or standing with ease. Additionally, the electrically adjustable seat and console positions can be easily stored with the factory-standard memory control, making it easy for shift work. 

The combination of the control station basis with comfort seats from the SPOBU product portfolio ensures that operators can work without experiencing any discomfort or fatigue. The side consoles of the control station are slender, generously dimensioned and have a special design, providing space for installing control devices and joysticks. Monitors can be integrated or laterally attatched with arms, providing even more flexibility to the operator.

Product data and more information (PDF)

Steinar Lyngaas

Product Manager –

Spohn+Burkhardt Controllers
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