AC charger solutions

Circontrol AC charger solutions are designed for installation in both public and private environments, whether indoors or outdoors. They provide an economical and scalable solution for vehicles that do not require a very short charging time.

Home charging for electric vehicles

The home charging stations from Circontrol are dependable, easy to use, and boast the most competitive cost-functionality ratio in the market. Designed to offer a hassle-free charging experience, they cater to the needs of EV drivers who prefer the convenience of charging their vehicles from the comfort of their own homes.

Wallbox eHome
This top-selling charger is economical, robust and easy to use. It provides the option to include the RS485 Modbus accessory, enabling seamless integration with HEMS (Home Energy Management System).

EV charger eNext 
The various models of the Wallbox eNext charger, whether wall-mounted or pedestal-mounted, offer optimal features for home use. These include convenient administration and setup through a smartphone app, along with remote charging authorization and activation. Additionally, users can program the start and end times of the charging session as per their requirements.

Semi-fast electric chargers

AC semi-fast chargers prove particularly beneficial for fleets, workplaces, hotels, or residential areas where electric vehicles tend to be parked for extended periods, often overnight.

Our AC chargers provide a versatile foundation for expanding your charging infrastructure according to your requirements. They seamlessly integrate with fast or ultra-fast chargers. Moreover, semi-fast charging solutions are cost-effective both in terms of infrastructure setup and energy consumption.

eVolve Smart
Ideal for heavy-use environments, this charger delivers a powerful 22 kW of energy and is tailored to fulfill the semi-fast charging requirements of both present and future urban landscapes. Its stylish yet robust enclosure ensures versatile placement, making it an excellent choice for fleets or public car parks.

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