Accessories for energy chains. Strain relief elements, guide troughs and more. 

Modular guide trough system

Guide troughs for long travels where the e-chain glides
  • Aluminium SuperTrough system in two versions: basic and heavy-duty
  • Steel guide trough system – very stable, rugged for heavy machinery
  • Tubular trough RS system for less demanding applications
  • Smaller, Snap-in trough system

Strain relief elements

Specifically developed for use in dynamic applications

Strain relief devices fix cables in energy chains and ensure cables not being torn out. The combination of chainflex cable materials and the contacting plastic components of the strain relief elements from igus are designed for long cable service life and maximum holding force.


Chainfix clamps

For cables in energy chains with clamps and stacker elements.

Honeycomb strain relief

Saves time, increases flexibility and reduces material wear thanks to its tribologically optimised clamping strength.

Strain relief separators

Separator with integrated strain relief teeth, for use on the first or last chain link.

Strain relief elements CFV

Strain relief element outside of the chain cross section.

Tiewrap plates

For cables in energy chains with clamps and stacker elements.

Strain relief nuggets

Simple strain relief with cable tiewraps.

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