Bar stock

Wear problems are solved quickly and cost-effectively with bar stock products from igus®. These products are long-lasting and offer customizable shapes. iglidur® bar stock eliminate the need for additional lubrication, ensuring a maintenance-free operation.

Specifically designed for dynamic applications, they exhibit low coefficients of friction and exceptional durability, significantly extending the lifespan of your equipment. iglidur® bar stock products come in various forms, such as round rods, tubes, or plates of different lengths. If necessary, they can be machined to accommodate unique shapes.

Depending on the application requirements, different iglidur® materials with specific properties can be chosen. Examples include options capable of withstanding temperatures up to +250 °C or those certified for use in food applications.

What are the iglidur® materials suitable for?

For universal use under normal conditions.

For long service life.

For high temperatures.

For good media and chemical resistance.

For contact with food.

For heavy-duty applications.

For special application areas.

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Product Manager –
Composite bearings & Linear tech.

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Want to see more of our iglidur® products?

Want to see more of our iglidur® products?