D-glide® Spherical plain bearings

Spherical bearings, also known as spherical plain bearings, are essential components in various industries, enabling smooth, precise rotational movement and allowing for misalignment.

D-glide® is a cutting-edge composite material that revolutionizes the capabilities of spherical bearings. It combines the benefits of self-lubrication, low friction and exceptional wear resistance, delivering unparalleled characteristics and durability. With D-glide® spherical bearings, allows for maintenance-free operation and prolonged service life.

D-glide® spherical bearings excel in challenging environments. They exhibit excellent resistance under harsh conditions and extreme loads. This durability makes them suitable for demanding applications in industries like offshore, marine, dredging, agriculture, and heavy machinery.

Furthermore, D-glide® spherical bearings offer superior load-carrying capacity and shock resistance, making them capable of handling heavy loads and dynamic forces. Additional redundancy can easily be incorporated in the design. This robustness ensures reliable and stable operation in even the most demanding conditions.

The DRIE-D team of experts understands the unique requirements of various industries and can provide tailored solutions, optimized for your application.

DRIE-D developed specific D-glide spherical bearings according to ISO standards to easily incorporate the bearings in your existing construction.

Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or additional information, or even include DRIE-D’s expertise and experience to your project team. All to help you make the most informed and substantiated decisions for your technical needs.

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