An alternative to the service loop

e-loop® modular energy chain system for safe and reliable guiding of cables and hoses in hanging applications.

Reliable cable guidance even on long travels and under extreme conditions. The e-loop keeps the cables completely relieved of strain, thanks to pull rope inside the chain transferring the pull forces to the structure.


There are many advantages of e-loops:

Resistant to dirt
Corrosion resistance
Defined bend radius
Easy to open, easy maintenance
All components individually replaceable
Protects against impact with robust outer body


Inner diameter: 150 – 360 mm
Outer diameter: 220 – 430 mm
Bend radius: 380 – 625


Offshore, oil and gas industry, shore power supply, construction machinery, wind turbines


Top drive systems, drilling rigs

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Want to see more of our cable protection systems?

Want to see more of our cable protection systems?