Electric motors

Automation with stepper motors, direct current motors and EC/BLDC motors

For linear axes and handling systems, we offer a wide range of electric motors from igus. Hybrid stepper motors or DC motors are used in lead screw drives, toothed belts and rack and pinion drives. The electric motors complete the range offered by igus automation technology. In this way, entire handling systems can be configured in combination with linear axes.

drylin® E – electric motors

Stepper motors

  • Five sizes
  • Metric connector or stranded wires
  • Encoder and brake for extra safety

Direct-current motors

  • Available with protective housing
  • Torques from 0.1 to 1.8Nm
  • Speed up to 440 RPM

EC/BLDC motors

  • With Hall and encoder
  • Virtually wear-free
  • Very high speeds
  • More cost-effective than conventional servomotors

Lead screw stepper motors

  • Three installation sizes with stranded wire and holding torque from 0.1 to 2Nm
  • Seven lead screw types with pitches from 0.8mm-50mm
  • Highest precision
  • Matching lead screw nuts available

Stepper motor with IP68 protection against water

  • Holding torque: 1.30Nm
  • Nominal current: 4.20A
  • Motor connection: terminal box

Direct-current motor with worm gear

  • With spline
  • Space-saving and compact design
  • Torque from 0.75Nm up to 2.00Nm
  • Speed up to 350 RPM
  • Quiet operation
  • Rotary position encoder included

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