Energy chains

Cable protection for reduced downtime and increased service life.
The energy chain from igus® is a machine component for protecting and guiding flexible cables and hoses.

There are many advantages of our energy chains:
–   Cable-friendly because of theoir smooth contours
–   Strong, robust, quiet and low weight
–   Easy-to-perform maintenance, easy to install and open
–   Predictable service life
–   Modular and with a wide range of sizes

Our energy chains can be used in different environments (based on material):
–   Standard temperature range -40°C to +130°C (+170°C short term)
–   Resistant to hot swarf (up to +850°C)
–   Chemical resistance
–   Continuous use down to -40°C
–   Suitable for ESD use
–   FDA compliant

Got any questions about energy chains? Contact our product manager!

Hans-Christian Maudal

Sales Manager & Product Manager –

E-chain® solutions
+47 943 04 043

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