Energy chains

Cable protection for reduced downtime and increased service life.
The energy chain from igus® is a machine component for protecting and guiding flexible cables and hoses.

There are many advantages of our energy chains:
–   Cable-friendly because of their smooth contours
–   Strong, robust, quiet and low weight
–   Easy-to-perform maintenance, easy to install and open
–   Predictable service life
–   Modular and with a wide range of sizes

Our energy chains can be used in different environments (based on material):
–   Standard temperature range -40°C to +130°C (+170°C short term)
–   Resistant to hot swarf (up to +850°C)
–   Chemical resistance
–   Continuous use down to -40°C
–   Suitable for ESD use
–   FDA compliant

Product overview: Energy chain systems for every application

Small energy chains for small installation spaces

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Inner heights: 5 – 32 mm

Medium-sized energy chains for the medium-sized load range

  • Quiet, stronger and quick to fill
  • Inner heights: 21 – 48 mm

Large energy chains for high loads

  • Highly dynamic, light and cost-effective
  • Inner heights: 21 – 350 mm

Multi-axis energy chains for robots

  • Inner diameter: 12 – 46.8 mm
  • Three-dimensional for demanding multi-axis robots

Protection against dirt and swarf

  • Inner heights: 21 – 75 mm
  • Closeable chains

Smooth running and cleanroom

  • Inner heights: 10 – 80 mm
  • Suitable for cleanrooms: ISO Class 1
  • Quiet movement

Long travels and heavy duty purposes

  • Inner heights: 32 – 80 mm
  • Long service life, high stability and modular system

Simple applications

  • Inner heights: 9 – 47 mm
  • For static applications or ones involving little motion

3D movements – non-robotics

  • Inner heights: 13 – 75 mm
  • Enables very complex 3D movements without problems

Circular and spiral movements

  • Inner heights: 9 – 56 mm
  • Rotation angle over 7,000 degrees
  • Tough, quiet and high dynamics, suitable for high fill weights

Got any questions? Contact our product manager!

Hans Christian Maudal

Sales Manager & Product Manager –
E-chain® solutions
+47 943 04 043

Want to see more of our cable protection systems?

Want to see more of our cable protection systems?

Kabelbeskyttelse for redusert nedetid og økt levetid.
Kabelkjeder fra igus® er maskinkomponenter for beskyttelse og føring av fleksible kabler og slanger.

Kabelslep fra igus for beskyttelse og føring av fleksible kabler og slanger.

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