For robotics and multi-axis motion

Triflex® R from igus – for demanding multi-axis robots

In applications involving three-dimensional movement, rotations and pivots play a crucial role on a daily basis. Ensuring the safe guidance and protection of robot cables becomes essential in such scenarios. The three-dimensional energy chain triflex R (TRE, TRC, TRL) has been specifically developed for demanding multi-axis robots.

With its capacity for high tensile force absorption and exceptional flexibility, this energy chain enables a twisting motion of approximately ± 10° per chain link along the longitudinal axis. Unlike traditional cable protective hoses, the triflex R chain provides a defined bend radius, significantly enhancing the service life of cables and hoses.

Triflex application examples

The company ANYBRID uses the the three-dimensional energy chain triflex R for guiding cables in their mobile injection molding technology.

The PRO Plus CNC Machining Center is a machine tool that allows milling in 4 axes, used to process beams for building pergolas and canopies. Triflex R protects the cables against aluminium chips and, censequently, against mechanical damage.

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Want to see more of our cable protection systems?