Guide rollers

As ready-made systems with a tube made of aluminum, carbon, stainless steel or PVC, the ball bearings prove their worth as conveyor rollers for deflecting films and labels or for conveying goods. By using wear-resistant high-performance polymers as well as thin-walled tubes, they provide weight savings of up to 48% compared to metallic solutions. Their mass inertia is thus 42% lower, the energy required for acceleration is thus considerably lower, and the rollers reach the conveying speed sooner.

– Diameters from 20 to 100 mm
– Lengths up to 1.500 mm

Product and material overview

See our selection of products and materials for different applications and requirements (PDF):

Product and material overview: xiros ball bearings

Advantages of xiros® ball bearings


From -100℃ to +150℃

Chemical resistance

Runs perfectly even when in contact with aggressive chemicals


Can come into contact with water and media


Plastic ball bearings are lightweight, reliable and durable


FDA-approved plastics which work completely without lubricants


Plastic ball bearings are the first choice wherever freedom from metal is required

Corrosion-free with xiros®

See the difference!

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Want to see more of our ball bearings?

Want to see more of our ball bearings?