Lead screws and nuts

dryspin lead screw technology is based on the principle of lubrication-free and maintenance-free linear technology. The specifications and geometries of our lead screw technology, which are matched to the polymer nut and lead screw, guarantee efficiencies of up to 82% and a service life that is up to 30% longer than conventional lead screw drives.

Lead screw nuts are available from the full range for every technical requirement. The full range includes lead screw nuts from 4 lubricant-free iglidur® high-performance polymers, in trapezoidal and high helix threads, cylindrical design or as flange variants.

Diameter range 4 – 50 mm
Pitch range 0.5 – 100 mm
Temperatures Max. +150°C    Min. -20°C
Lead screw nuts Cylindrical, flange, spanner flat
Thread types High helix, trapezoidal, metric
Thead materials Steel, stainless steel, aluminium

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High efficiency at all speeds: iglidur® J – High speed
– Low wear
– Best coefficient of friction
For temperatures up to +150°C: iglidur® J350 – For high temperatures
– Good coefficient of friction with medium loads
For medium to high speeds: iglidur® R – High wear resistance for low loads
– Low moisture absorption
– Vibration-dampening
FDA-compliant for the food and pharmaceutical industry: iglidur® A180 – FDA-compliant
– For contact with food
Best running partner for hard anodised aluminium:
iglidur® J200
– Low coefficient of friction and wear
– Long service life
For high speeds:
iglidur® E7
– Low loads up to 200N
– Speeds up to 1,200rpm


High helix lead screws
– Material: stainless steel or anodised aluminium
– Lubrication-free lead screw nuts made from 5 materials
– Better efficiency due to optimised thread angle
– Quiet due to rounded tooth geometry
– Long service life due to asymmetric dryspin® geometry

Trapezoidal and metric lead screws
– Material: steel, stainless steel or anodised aluminium
– Lubrication-free lead screw nuts made from 10 different materials
– Product range from M3 to Tr50x8
– Multi start lead screws and right/left opposite drive available

Lead screw nuts standard products

Special designs

Cylindrical lead screw nut

Cylindrical lead screw nut with spanner flat

Lead screw nut with flange

Lead screw nut with spanner flat, with flange

Spherical lead screw nut in flanged bearing housing

Lead screw nut with locating spigot

Corrosion-free with dryspin®

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