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drylin®: linear guide systems from igus

Linear modules

Drylin® drive technology provides lubrication-free linear axes, driven by lead screws, toothed belts, or gear racks. It accommodates both electric and manual drives, using hand wheels or electric motors. igus® offers a variety of standard versions and specialized linear drives for specific needs, such as lightweight axes made of plastic or robust stainless steel modules for heavy loads.

These drive systems have long service life, precision, and high reliability. They are dirt-resistant, lightweight, quiet and adaptable to nearly any application and industry worldwide. All linear modules are individually customizable.

When to use which system?

Lead screw drive

• High load capacity
• Ideal where precision and force transfer are important
• Well suited for vertical movements and heavy loads
• Ensures strong and accurate positioning

Toothed belt drive

• Ideal for high speeds and dynamic movements
• Offer high acceleration and repeatability
• Enables low-friction and quiet movement

Rack and pinion drive

• Offer a comination of high speed, precision and load capacity
• Particularly suitable for long distances and horizontal movements
• Allows smooth and strong movement along the axis

Linear axes with lead screw

The lead screw drive converts the rotary motion of a rotating lead screw into a linear movement. These systems facilitate linear adjustments through trapezoidal lead screws, available in various sizes, or high helix lead screws, which can be set in motion manually or electrically.

Max. travel speed up to 1.6m/min, depending on thread and load.

Stroke length freely selectable for any linear drive system. A plain-bearing-mounted lead screw has a maximum stroke of 1,500mm, a ball-bearing-mounted one 1,000mm.


✓  Precise positioning

✓  High load capacity

✓  Compact design

✓  Low-friction movement

Overview of our linear axes with lead screw

SHT Linear axes

  • Trapezoidal or high-helix lead scews
  • Drives with plain ball bearings
  • Lead screws of steel, stainless steel or aluminium
  • Carriage in quad block or compact design

SLW linear axes

  • Trapezoidal or heigh-helix thread
  • Torsion-resistant double shaft systems
  • Wide range of carriage and rail options
  • Manual and motorised adjustments possible

SAW linear axes

  • Trapezoidal or high-helix thread
  • Robust design
  • Ready-to-install with stepper or DC motors
  • Ball bearing

Different materials

Lead screw materials

For all drylin linear units, self-locking trapezoidal lead screws made of steel and stainless steel are used. Hard-coated aluminium and high helix lead screws made of stainless steel are also available upon request.

Shaft materials

From the standard range, shafts made of hard-anodised aluminium are most frequently used.

Bearing materials

All bearings are maintenance-free, with no need for external lubricants. The high-performance polymers are optionally available for applications with temperatures up to +180℃. FDA-compliant components are also available.

Linear axes with toothed belt

drylin linear axes with toothed belt drive are versatile for positioning and adjustment tasks. The drylin W profile guide serves as a lubrication-free linear guide, while a toothed belt acts as the drive. You can customize the stroke according to your needs. These axes are lightweight due to their polymer and aluminum construction, resulting in low inertia and high efficiency.

Whether you have limited installation space or require robust torque support, the linear units with toothed belt drive provide suitable solutions, both individually and in gantry designs. Additionally, all drylin toothed belt axes can be ordered with ready-to-connect configurations with drylin E stepper and DC motors.


✓  Elastic force transmission

✓  Shock absorbing and quiet running

✓  Large shaft distances conceivable

✓  Lubrication-free

✓  Minimum maintenance

Overview of our linear axes with toothed belt drive

Compact design

  • Undertakes many positioning tasks
  • Motor connection possible
  • Low-profile installation heights

Reverse positioning: OD series

  • Fast right/left adjustment
  • Compact with a low-profile drylin W double rail
  • With angle flange

Industry-specific range

  • For applications up to -30℃
  • For underwater use
  • For splash water contact

Open modular system

  • Variable shaft span of 120/160/200 mm
  • Lightweight with aluminium version
  • Corrosion-free stainless steel version

Cantilever axis

  • Permanently installed drive unit
  • Max. axial load 50N
  • Lightweight

Toothed belt axes with motor

  • Defined stroke lengths (300/500/1000mm)
  • Maintenance-free operation without external lubrication
  • Quick assembly

Linear axes with gear rack

Drylin cantilever axes are ideal for various positioning and adjustment tasks, offering high reliability and lightweight characteristics. They excel in applications involving vertical movements. When driven by a rack, they reduce the mass being moved. In terms of energy efficiency, power transmission to a rack is up to 30% more cost-effective than belt deflection. Additionally, these axes allow for the connection of grippers, part pickup, and movement.


✓  High, constant stiffness of the axis regardless of the length of the stroke

✓ High precision

✓  High speeds possible

✓  Freely controllable installation position

✓  Long travels can be implemented

Overview of our linear axes with gear rack

Lightweight axis for pick & place

  • Toothed, hard anodised, corrosion-free square hollow section
  • Loads up to 500g with speed up to 0,7 m/s possible
  • Lightweight, fast, small and lubrication-free

Dynamic z-axis

  • Direct force transfer via gear rack
  • Compact structure
  • Loads up to 10N
  • Material combination: aluminium profile/plastic gear rack
  • Accessories available
  • Available with motor

Lightweight z-axis

  • Strokes up to 500 mm
  • Made from aluminium and plastic
  • Ideal for linear robots
  • Dynamic mass of only 0,9 kg enables fast operation
  • Available in larger versions with stroke lengths up to 1000 mm and load capacities up to 100N

For multi-axis linear robots

For test and measuring equipment

For pick & place applications

Linear XY tables

XY-tables for horizontal movement of automated machines such as assembly robots in production plants, milling tables or drilling tables. Robotic arms and other automated machines have limited range of motion while their bases remain fixed; XY-tables allow these bases to move horizontally in the X and Y directions.


✓  High precision, extreme stiffness and accurate alignment due to the single-piece carriage

✓  100% lubrication-free and completely corrosion-free

✓  Accessories available (hand wheel, position indicator, etc.)

✓  Complete stainless steel solution available

Overview of our linear XY tables

SHT XY-tables

  • Standard or pre-loaded version
  • Adjustments by trapezoidal thread
  • Upper unit can be aligned left or right

SLW XY-tables

  • Hard anodised aluminium guide rail
  • Pre-loaded version also available
  • Accessories available

SLW XY-tables | Stainless steel

  • High torsional stability
  • For manual adjustments
  • Compact and low-profile

Accessories for XY-tables

Hand wheels for lead screw drives

Different outer diameters and handles available

Position indicator

For setting and direct reading of the carriage position

Lead screw clamps

For attaching to the position indicator and subsequent clamping of the lead screw

Angular drive

For rotary transmissions of 90°

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Want to see more of our linear guides?

Want to see more of our linear guides?