Low Cost Automation

Affordable automation through motion plastics®

Significant increase in productivity processes with the help of simple and affordable automation in the form of robotics components

Depending on the specific application, automation can be implemented either partially or entirely. From our supplier igus®, a wide range of cost-effective process automation solutions is available, including complete robot arms, individual components for tailored solutions or to expand existing setups, and a compatible control system for robolink® with user-friendly software.

3D printing with tribo-filaments

50 times more abrasion-resistant than standard materials for maximum service life

With iglidur® tribo-filament, components have an extremely long service life. With excellent trobological properties, thet are suited for 3D printing of replacement and wear-resistant parts for e.g. plain bearings, drive nuts, gears and other wear-resistant parts.

The iglidur® tribo-filaments can be processed on 3D printers that are based on the fused-deposition-modelling method (FDM/FFF) and that allow the nozzle temperature to be set as required.

Robot overview


The first robot made of high-perfomance plastic. Lightweight robot with integrated control system.

Articulated arm robot

Flexible all-rounders with up to six degrees of freedom.

Linear robots

Driven by a flat toothed belt drive, moves absolutely lubrication-free and meets high hygienic standards. 

Delta robots

With two or three axes for quick pick & place tasks.

SCARA robot

With three or four axes for reliable work in the laboratory. 

7th axis

Easy expansion of the workspace for all lightweight robots. 

Robot control system with igus® Robot Control

The first choice to flexible and efficiently solve automation tasks in the lower and medium performance range.

The igus® Robot Control provides a straightforward and user-friendly system for both controlling and programming robots. This control system accommodates various igus kinematics. The igus Robot Control software, which is both free-of-charge and license-free, is seamlessly integrated into the control system. This integration ensures a unified operating concept and consistent communication services across multiple components within a system. The key benefit is a reduction in project planning efforts and faster commissioning. 

Low Cost Automation: Application examples

Automation with an articulated-arm robot for only €7,200

MFG, a labelling specialist, develops a new type of pallet labeller with low-cost robotics from igus 

Using a heavy, expensive cast-iron articulated arm robot for a pallet labeller is like using a sledge hammer to crack a nut. So, labelling specialist MFG decided to use a low-cost robot made of igus high-performance plastics. It not only saved money and integration effort, but also won the ROIBOT 2022 Low Cost Automation competition.

A robot that sells chocolate

Belgian traditional house provides tourist attraction with low cost automation from igus

Who says automation has to be expensive? In Bruges, Belgium, the chocolate shop Roose’s Chocolate World had a robot called Chocomatic built at a bargain price. It packs chocolates in front of the customers. A robolink robot from igus is used, which moves on a seventh axis.

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