PMA Accessories

PMA offers a wide range of practical accessories to complement the PMA cable protection system. Lock nuts made of polyamide or metal, thread reducers and thread enlargers, swivel adapters as well as various mounting clips for conduits.

All products will help make the PMA line even more flexible and  application friendly.

PMA accessories selection

PMA Locking Clips

•  Provides reliable fixation of PMA conduits

PMA Hexagonal lock nuts

•  Polyamide lock nuts
•  Hexagonal lock nuts
•  Metal lock nuts
•  EMV metal lock nuts

PMA System support

•  One-piece, rails, stackable, half shell, tube clambs
•  Medium & Heavy duty design

PMA Sealing caps, flat gaskets and seal rings

•  PMA Flat gaskets
•  PMA Sealing caps
•  PMA Water impact protection
•  PMAGRIP Sealings

PMA Enlargers and reducers

•  Metric or PG thread
•  Brass or polyamide

Conduit terminal and protection sleeves

Plug screw

•  Metric or PG thread

Conduit termination

•  For sealing of cables and wires at the exit from PMA corrugated conduits
•  Avoids ingression of dirt and liquids


•  Cutting tools for conduits

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Tom Aadalen

Sales Engineer –
Protective conduits

+47 915 64 877

Want to see more of our cable protection systems?

Want to see more of our cable protection systems?