Protective conduits

Our cable protection from PMA is versatile and suitable for an extensive range of applications, spanning various industries. The applications are virtually limitless, such as:

• Rail vehicles and infrastructure
• Industrial machines
• Electrical systems on ships
• Solar and wind energy generation installations
• Telecommunications
• Construction
• Medical equipment

Wherever cables are installed and subjected to mechanical stresses and environmental hazards, PMA products provide reliable protection.

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PMA Conduits product range

Solutions for a wide range of applications

We offer a large range of different mono- and multilayer conduit types which fulfill high technical demands. Conduit sizes range from 4.5 mm to 125 mm diameters, from lightweight to heavyweight and from pliable to highly flexible. Many conduits are specially approved, e.g. CSA, UL Recognition, NFR, SNCF, DB etc.




Jumbo size

Ex system


Cable protection in robotics and automation

Food & Beverage solutions

Fire barrier solutions

Railway applications

Solutions for sustainable energy

PMA conduits and fittings for the energy market

Through PMA, we offer an extensive portfolio of cable protection solutions for high- and low frequency technology applications, as well as for fibre optic cables. With PMA’s 45 years of expertise in designing and manufacturing cable protection systems, we ensure optimal solutions for power generation applications, whether driven by water, wind, sunlight, or gas.

Common applications:

  • Onshore and offshore wind energy installations
  • Photovoltaic installations
  • Solar heating and electricity generation
  • Hydroelectric power stations
  • Energy storage facilities utilizing potential energy from water or air pressure
  • Geothermal installations
  • Biogas equipment

User benefits:

  • Simple time saving assembly
  • System life time
  • High UV-resistance
  • Water and dust tight to IP68 and IP69
  • Divisible system for retrofit to completed
  • Flexible – post installation cable introduction

Multilayer conduits

PMAFLEX multilayer conduits for demanding technical applications and special requirements. PMAFLEX multilayer conduits (X-Series) based on Multi-Layer-Extrusion technology enabling the production of three-layer corrugated conduits that combining the best characteristics of different materials on inner and outer layers.

Overextruded conduits

PMA OXC – Over-extruded multilayer conduits: a solution that ensures reliable protection in environments with stricter requirements for cleanability or safeguarding.

For Food and Beverage: A flexible, smooth, and easy-to-clean over-extruded conduit, ideal for a clean and hygienic environment.

For rail applications: Flexible and heavy-duty conduit, well-suited for dynamic or static external applications in railway vehicles.

For machine building, Installation construction industry: A unique conduit designed for excellent cable protection with a smooth outer layer. Perfect for areas where machines require regular cleaning.Suitable for static applications in machine building, installation, and construction industries, as well as general applications with cleaning requirements.

Divisible conduits

One-piece DIVISIBLE System – Key features include a divisible, one-piece design that is simple, fast, and suitable for retrofit and pre-loomed applications. The modern and functional design comes with an excellent price/performance ratio.
PACOF, PPCOF conduits & systems sealing performance IP40. BLNO-M divisible fitting achieves IP54 when used with standard closed conduits.
Easy push-in installation without the need to remove the entire loom.

Jumbo size conduits

Choose from a variety of large conduits to meet your cable protection needs. PMA JUMBO product line offers seven conduit types in different materials and sizes.
Sizes NW56,70, 95, 125 (PA6 conduits – PCL, CYL, VCS, VOH) (PA12 conduits – PIH) (PU conduits – PUE).
The PMA JUMBO range includes flanges, threaded connectors, and accessories BGG (straight), BGO (90°) flange fittings achieve a sealing rating of IP50 and IP65 with a conduit sealing ring BGGV (straight), BGOV (90°) flange fittings achieve a sealing rating of IP68.

Key Features:
– Excellent conduit pull-out strength
– High impact resistance
– Coarse (G) profile for all PMA Jumbo conduits
– UL recognized PIH and VCS conduits in jumbo sizes for use with flange type fittings

Ex system

PMA Ex system for hazardous areas – Providing comprehensive protection for cables, wires, and hoses. This system guards against mechanical damage, UV radiation, weathering, and chemicals.
– Products made of specially modified, load discharging polyamide materials (PA12) for use in explosion endangered zones 1/2 (gas) and 21/22 (dust)
– Identical in function to the standard product range PMAFIX/ PMAFLEX (since more than 40 years successfully used in applications as railway, machinery, automation, etc.)
– Sealing system fulfilling IP66, IP68
– System safety: For security reasons re-opening is only possible with the use of a screwdriver
– Flexible conduits, excellent for applications with continual reversed bending
– Quick and simple installation, reduced total installation costs (compared to other explosion-proof cable protection systems)
– No corrosion, long service life

EMC System solutions

Reliable shielding – This product line features metal braids made of tin-plated copper and hybrid braids composed of tin-plated copper wires mixed with polyester monofilament. Fittings made from nickel-plated aluminum or nickel-plated brass. These braids provide protection against electromagnetic interferences.
Fittings ensure secure clamping of the braid, and a robust connection between the shielding braid and the conduit system.
The trusted EMC System from PMA provides high-grade shielding to protect against electromagnetic radiation while also offering mechanical cable protection.

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Want to see more of our cable protection systems?

Want to see more of our cable protection systems?