Sleeve bearings

Cylindrical bushings made of high-performance polymers for mechanical stability with low coefficients of friction.
Wear-resistant, robust and self-lubricating.

Based on material, iglidur bearings meet most requirements:

✓  Continuous operating temperatures up to +250°C
✓  High media resistance and a wide application range in wet areas
✓  Contact with food
✓  High loads
✓  Electrically conductive
✓  Fast rotations underwater
✓  Fire protection
✓  Free from PTFE and silicone

Product overview

See our selection of products for different applications and requirements (PDF):

Product overview: iglidur plain bearings

Material overview and technical data

See our selection of materials for different requirements (PDF):

Technical data: iglidur materials

Corrosion-free with iglidur®

See the difference!

What are the iglidur® materials suitable for?

For universal use under normal conditions.

For long service life.

For high temperatures. 

For high media and chemical resistance.

For contact with food. 

For heavy-duty applications.

For special application areas. 

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Product Manager –
Composite bearings & Linear tech.

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Want to see more of our plain bearings?