Special solutions for different enivronments

Special solutions for special requirements

igus energy chains are also advantageous when it comes to their use in demanding ambient conditions – whether cleanrooms, very dusty environments, hot chips or aggressive chemicals. From completely sealed RX tubes, small-component low-noise, low-vibration energy supply systems to elastic e-skins for cleanrooms or energy supply systems made of highly developed materials for different flammability classes – here, you can find detailed information on solutions for special requirements.

ESD energy chains
Energy chains made of conductive ESD material, used to avoid static charge in manufacturing processes for electronic components or assemblies.
Proven over years of use in ATEX areas.

Rotary modules for circular movements
Rotary module with two circular guide elements. One part is attached to the stationary part of the system, and the other part to the rotating part. Can be turned by both their inner or outer parts.
Max. rotation angle 600°

Protection against dirt and swarf
Protects cables from external influences in harsh environments. 
Fully enclosed e-tube series with dense and robust design, suitable for use at high speeds.