drylin®: linear guide systems from igus

XY tables

XY-tables for horizontal movement of automated machines such as assembly robots in production plants, milling tables or drilling tables. Robotic arms and other automated machines have limited range of motion while their bases remain fixed; XY-tables allow these bases to move horizontally in the X and Y directions.


✓  High precision, extreme stiffness and accurate alignment due to the single-piece carriage

✓  100% lubrication-free and completely corrosion-free

✓  Accessories available (hand wheel, position indicator, etc.)

✓  Complete stainless steel solution available

Overview of our lead screw axes

SHT XY-tables

  • Standard or pre-loaded version
  • Adjustments by trapezoidal thread
  • Upper unit can be aligned left or right

SLW XY-tables

  • Hard anodised aluminium guide rail
  • Pre-loaded version also available
  • Accessories available

SLW XY-tables | Stainless steel

  • High torsional stability
  • For manual adjustments
  • Compact and low-profile

Accessories for XY-tables

Hand wheels for lead screw drives

Different outer diameters and handles available

Position indicator

For setting and direct reading of the carriage position

Lead screw clamps

For attaching to the position indicator and subsequent clamping of the lead screw

Angular drive

For rotary transmissions of 90°

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