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Composite bearings.

Depending on the choice of bearings and material you can aquire bearings that meets most requirements, suitable in almost all conditions.

iglidur® plain bearings

Sleeve bearings

Sleeve bearings made from high performance, self-lubricating plastic.

Flange bearings

Sleeve bearings with flange made from high performance, self-lubricating plastic.

Thrust washers

Thrust washers in a variety of dimensions, made from high performance plastic.

Guide rings

Guide rings replace PTFE tapes with only one clip-on guide ring.

Two hole flange bearings

Flange bearings made of high performance plastics are particularly suitable where no precisely toleranced mounting holes are feasible.

igubal® self-aligning bearings

Pillow block bearings

Up to 40% more cost-effective and 80% lighter than comparable metal solutions – Completely maintenance-free.

Spherical insert bearings

Our bearing inserts enable dry running without lubrication and are thus maintenance-free.

Rod ends

Rod ends facilitate rotating, oscillating and linear movements of the shaft – suitable for virtually every installation requirement.

Flange bearings

Self-aligning flange bearings, suitable for reliable deployment in demanding environments.

xiros® ball bearings

Radial ball bearings

Radial deep groove ball bearings consisting of high-performance polymers, with stainless steel or glass balls moving in the cage.

Flange ball bearings

Lubrication-free flange ball bearings enables 1:1 replacement of metallic flange ball bearings due to identical dimensions.

Axial ball bearings

Axial thrust bearings with stainless steel or glass balls.

Pillow block ball bearings

Polymer pedestal-type ball bearings, up to 60% lighter and 40% more cost-effective than metal bearings.

Ball transfer units

Move heavy and sensitive loads easily: whether in conveyor technology, the food and glass industry or even in the sports sector.

Guide rollers

Guide rollers/film guide rollers made of aluminium, stainless steel, carbon or PVC plastic: the alternative for steel guide rollers for low loads.

iglidur® PRT slewing ring bearings

Slewing rings

Maintenance-free sliding elements made of tribologically optimised iglidur materials and rings made of lightweight anodised aluminium or stainless steel.

Toothed slewing rings

Very light and stable slewing ring bearings with external as well as internal splines.

DRIE-D Bearing solutions

D-GLIDE® spherical plain bearings

D-GLIDE® bushings and plain bearings

D-GLIDE® sliding plates

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