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Cable protection.

Solutions suitable for most applications and environments, from single parts to complete sets.

Energy supply systems for every type of movement, whether for horizontal, vertical, circular or spiral. We offer cable protection suitable for most applications such as robot applications, offshore and cleanroom. Whether you need solutions that are resistant to chemicals, suitable for small installation spaces or extremely cost-effective: we have a solution suitable for your needs.

igus® energy chain systems

Energy chains

Polymer energy chains for every movement.


Ready-to-install energy supply systems for reduced manufacturing costs and assembly time.

Triflex® for 3D movement

Safely guide and protect robot cables in three-dimensional applications.


Safely and reliably guide cables and hoses in hanging applications – particularly suitable for top drives.

Special solutions

Enclosed chains for protection against dust and dirt, ESD solutions, Chemical-resistant energy chains and more.

Rotary movements

Various systems for circular and spiral movements – modular, versatile and high degree of stability.

Plastic-steel hybrid e-chain

Lightweight plastic and tough steel combined for an e-chain that handles unsupported travels with ease.


Strain relief for cables, guide trough systems, separators and more.

PMA Conduits and fittings

Protective conduits

A wide range of different mono- and multilayer conduit types that fulfill high technical demands.

PMAFIX fittings

Solutions that meet the highest expectations IP68 + IP69.

Kopex – protective conduits

Explosion proof cable protection

Metallic and non-metallic conduit systems and accessories from Kopex for hazardous areas.

Cable protection for construction

A range of solutions providing protections for rail, construction and industrial applications.

Gleason reel – steel drag chains

Steel drag chains

Cable/hose carriers – ideal for harsh environments and high speed operation.

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