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Linear technology.

All of our linear systems can be adapted to individual needs. By choosing a sliding system from us, you can reduce running operating costs and greatly improve technology.

Our linear systems travel travel in dry operation, and are therefore maintenance- and lubrication-free. They are resistant to external influences such as dust and dirt, and run especially quiet. You can also get solutions that are hygienic/FDA-compliant, lightweight and curved rail systems, among other things.

drylin® linear guides

drylin® W profile guides

drylin® N low-profile guides

drylin® T rail guides

drylin® R shaft guides

drylin® Q square linear guides

drylin® NT telescopic rails

dryspin® lead screw technology

dryspin® lead screws and nuts

dryspin® accessories

Clamping rings, lead screw clamps, support blocks and more. 

drylin® E drive technology

linear modules drylin igus norge

Linear modules

Linear axes driven by lead screws, toothed belts, or gear racks. XY tables for adjustment tasks. 

Electric motors and motor control

Stepper, DC, EC/BLDC motors. Encoders, brakes and gearboxes.

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