Revolutionizing Waste Management with MOSE Compactor:
A Sustainable Solution for Smart Sorting

Røros Produkter develops an automatic waste compactor that saves both time and the environment, with the help of lubrication-free linear guides from igus

– Røros, Norway

– Waste management system for waste compaction in containers

– Drylin W linear rails and carriages

In the hustle of a national airport, May Kristin, Marketing Manager, and Rolf, CEO at Røros Produkter observed cleaning staff manually compressing the waste. This sparked an idea that led to the development of the MOSE compactor, a groundbreaking solution for indoor waste containers. MOSE compactor, developed at their factory in Røros, is reshaping waste management and promoting environmental sustainability – with the help of our drylin W linear system from igus.


The Origin of MOSE

Their inspiration for the MOSE compactor struck during an airport layover, witnessing manual waste compression. Determined to make a difference, May Kristin and Rolf embarked on developing a patent for automatic compression. MOSE is now one of the pioneers in the market for smaller waste containers, revolutionizing waste sorting and management.

Smart and Efficient Waste Sorting for the Future

The MOSE compactor, their latest waste sorting product, comes equipped with an automatic compacting system, streamlining waste disposal. This not only saves time and plastic bags, but also contributes to environmental conservation by compressing waste and signaling when emptying is required. With MOSE technology, businesses can transition from scheduled emptying to an on-demand system, allowing cleaning staff to focus on other important tasks.

Ordinary waste containers can contain up to 70% air, making MOSE particularly effective for sorting paper and plastic. Tests with selected clients revealed a significant reduction in emptying frequency after MOSE implementation, decreasing from daily to just once every 3-4 work weeks. With the introduction of MOSE, they have reduced the emptying frequency considerably.

Environmentally Friendly and Convenient

Reduced plastic bag consumption and less wear on containers positively impact the environmental balance. The MOSE compactor can also be equipped with a textile bag, replacing plastic and offering the added benefit of washability.

MOSE operates on rechargeable batteries, typically lasting 1-2 weeks (depending on usage). The benefits of implementing MOSE extend beyond reducing emptying frequency:

●  Minimizes unnecessary supervision.
●  Reduces the use of plastic bags.
●  A specially developed fabric environmental bag further reduces plastic consumption.
●  Can be integrated into various waste containers.

Drylin linear guides for maintenance-free and long-lasting components

Røros Produkter chose to use our lubrication-free linear guide system because it offers several key advantages that align with their operational needs. Our systems operate without the need for lubrication, making them maintenance-free and highly resistant to external factors. The systems run exceptionally quietly due to their specialized design and the high-quality materials used, providing a smooth and silent operation that enhances the overall efficiency.

By switching to our sliding system, Røros Produkter is able to reduce operating costs significantly while enhancing performance, ensuring extended service life and consistent, smooth operation.

Learn more about our linear guide systems here.

Unique Technology and App Monitoring

The innovative technology employs sensors to measure waste volume, triggering compression only when necessary, maximizing battery life. Additionally, MOSE includes a temperature sensor to detect potential fire hazards in waste containers, with values reported automatically to a cloud service via WiFi or 4G.

To enhance monitoring, the iSmart Connect has been developed, providing real-time updates on each waste container’s status. Through the app or the web-based solution, users can easily monitor container status, optimizing emptying routines and saving time by focusing on containers that have reached the desired filling level.

The “iSmart Connect”-app, developed by Røros Produkter.

Versatility Across Waste Containers

The integration of MOSE is not limited to a specific container type; it can be implemented in several of their waste containers, accommodating diverse waste disposal needs.


MOSE Compactor emerges as a game-changer in waste management, introducing automation, efficiency, and environmental consciousness. As businesses strive for sustainable practices, Røros Produkter is innovating waste sorting, driving progress towards a cleaner and greener future.


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