Comprehensive and customizable cable management and energy supply system designed to meet the specific needs of automated machinery and equipment. This innovative solution combines high-quality energy chains, cables, connectors, and accessories into a ready-to-install package. readychain is engineered to minimize installation time, reduce maintenance efforts, and enhance the overall performance of automation systems.

Ready-to-install energy supply systems are tailormade for each customer, harnessed and delivered. The customers can dispense with their own storage space for e-chains®, cables and connectors, saving time and space for internal logistics and for assembly and installation of their energy supply system. The ready-made modules reduce process costs of our customers by up to 80% and accelerate throughput. Machine downtime and plant faults can be minimised.

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E-chain® solutions

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chainflex® guarantees maximum fail-safety of energy supply

Fail-safe chainflex® cables for energy chains – with guarantee

✓ Avoids cable breakages and short circuits
✓ No corkscrew effects
✓ Minimal abration, for tough environments
✓ For the best EMC results and twistable movements, e.g. when connected to robots
✓ Reliable data transmission CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6A, CAT7, Profinet, Profibus

Harnessed cables according to your individual needs or industrial standards.

chainflex® cables in combination with well-known connector manufacturers (e.g. Harting, Binder, Yamaichi and many others) guarantees quality. With over 5.000 drive cables suitable for 30 manufacturer standards, you can easily find options suitable for your needs. With igus®, we can also produce harnessed cables individually according to your wishes and application requirements. 

Plug-and-Play Integration

readychain offers pre-assembled cable management systems that are ready to install directly into your machines and equipment. This significantly reduces installation time, minimizes downtime and operational disruptions.

Customizable Solutions

We understand that every industry and application is unique. readychain is highly customizable to suit the specific needs of your machinery. From cable types and lengths to connectors and accessories, you have the flexibility to design a system that works seamlessly for you.

Cost-Efficiency & Reduced Maintenance

By reducing the need for on-site cable assembly and maintenance, readychain helps companies save on labor costs and practically exclude the risk of errors. It also enhances the overall longevity of cables and components, resulting in long-term cost savings.

Module Connect

One connector module instead of many individual connectors

Space-saving plug-in connector for the connection of electric cables, fibre-optic cables and pneumatic hoses. A great choice wherever a large number of cables have to be connected in an installation space as small as possible.

✓  Flexible assembly

✓  Lightweight and robust

✓  Save up to 80% assembly time

✓  Almost limitless combination possibilities

Frequently Asked Questions

Which readychain versions are there?


Basic:  Energy chain equipped with electric cables, pneumatic and hydraulic systems.

Standard:  Energy chain equipped with electric cables, pneumatic, hydraulic and sensor systems including plug connections.
Standard plus:  Energy chain equipped with electric cables, pneumatic, hydraulic and sensor systems including plug connections as well as mounting plates for fixation. Premium:  Energy chain equipped with electric cables, pneumatic, hydraulic and sensor systems including plug connections as well as a transport and assembly rack.
What areas are readychain systems used in?

Where the automation of machines and industrial plant is concerned, there is a whole series of different reasons to decide in favour of pre-assembled energy supply systems. Manufacturing costs decrease, sources of errors are practically excluded. Less project planning work is needed whereas reliability increases. Possible areas of use are in assembly/installation engineering and handling technology, in conveyor technology or in mechanical engineering. Harnessed energy chains are being used in industrial areas such as timber industry, textile industry and special machine construction.

What are the benefits of readychain?

There are many benefits of readychains. Here is an overview of benefits depending on which version you choose:

Your benefits Basic Standard Standard Plus Premium
Reduce assembly time

Reduce failures

No electrical termination needed

100% digitally tested

No cable surplus

Reduce interfaces

Optimise connections/interfaces

Ready-to-install multi-axis system

Optimise transport/assembly

One assembly

Plug & play


readychain® applications

Flexible Energy Supply for High-Speed Stamping and Bending Machine

Bihler uses complete energy chain systems from igus® for supplying servo units.

With its RM-NC and GRM-NC machines, Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG has developed the fastest stamping and bending servo machine in the world. Its key characteristic is a new drive and control concept for the moving tools. Energy is supplied in energy chains containing chainflex® cables from igus®, delivered as completely pre-harnessed, ready-to-install readychains®.

Shore power connections with flexible energy supply systems

Reliable service with more than 3,000 shore-power connections per year.

At the highly frequented offshore base Mongstad in Norway, a reliable, robust and flexible system for supplying shore power  from igus is used.
A pre-assembled e-spool is integrated in a 10-foot container that can be handled by forklifts to position the system along the various berths.
The container also protects the system from the harsh environment and the effects of port operations. The readychain system is a slipring-free solution and all cables are hard-wired so that the maintenance effort is reduced.