Solutions for renewable energy

In processes of energy generation, especially from renewable sources, dependable and robust solutions are required. Throughout this process, these systems frequently encounter harsh environmental factors, including UV radiation, temperature shifts, strong winds, as well as dirt and dust. Endurance against such conditions is crucial for their long-term functionality.

We provide tailored solutions for the specific needs of your systems. With maintenance-free, long-lasting and robust components, we can help enhance your technology, optimize system perfomance and ultimately lower costs. 

High performance, safety and reliability

Energy is required worldwide, with steadily increasing quantity. Alongside traditional options like coal, gas, nuclear, and hydroelectric stations, in recent years many alternative, environmentally friendly alternatives such as solar installations, wind turbines and tidal power stations have begun to play an important role.

Continuous, uninterrupted operation is critical for all these intricate installations. Our solutions, characterized by high quality and durability, already play a significant role in ensuring the functionality and reliability of these energy generation facilities in numerous instances.

Motion plastics for renewable energy

Industry solutions and products for photovoltaics,
solar thermal energy, wind power, and hydro energy. Tailored to the specific system, we offer you special solutions made of high-performance polymers, which can help you improve your technology, optimise your system and reduce costs.

Maintenance-free, UV-resistance, insensitive to dust/dirt and weather-resistance are among the many advantages of solutions from igus.

igus solutions for photovoltaics

Lubrication-free bearing technology for tracking systems, floating PV and cleaning systems.

Photovoltaics – Maintenance-free products

Split pillow block bearing for square profiles

  • Split housing and spherical ball design
  • Compensation of misalignment
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • For long service life under high loads
  • 25-year guarantee

Lead screw and lead screw nut dimensions

  • Quiet, no vibration due to rounded tooth geometry, and up to 30% longer service life than conventional lead screws
  • Maintenance-free thanks to self-lubricating lead screw nuts and cost-effective manufacture (injection moulding)

Low-cost spherical bearings

  • Made of iglidur® high-performance plastics
  • Maintenance-free alternative to pivoting bearings in metallic pillow block and fixed flange bearings
  • Available for sheet metal housings in sizes PP204-208
  • Resistant to dirt

Heavy-duty lead screw nut

  • Light and cost-effective alternative to metallic ball screw nuts
  • Two installation sizes for threads Ø 14/16 and 18/20
  • For axial loads of up to 6MPa

High-performance plain bearings

  • Wear-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Lubrication-free

Fixed flange bearings

  • Compensation of misalignment
  • Absolute corrosion resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Maintenance-free dry operation

Bar stock

  • 100% free of maintenance and lubrication
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Resistant to dirt, dust, and moisture
  • No minimum order value or quantity

Wear-resistant gears for continuous operation

  • Wear-resistant material for continuous operation
  • Electrically discharging thanks to iglidur® F
  • Longest service life among iglidur® gears
  • For axial loads of up to 6MPa

Photovoltaics – areas of use

Metal rod end with male thread

  • For rotating, oscillating and linear movements
  • Suitable for temperatures from -40℃ to +90℃ long-term
  • Insensitive to dust, dirt and wet conditions
  • Lubrication-free dry operation

iglidur® half-shells for solar trackers

  • Three times the UV stability of igumid G and iglidur® J4
  • Tested according to ASTM G154 for 2.000 hours
  • Longer service life thanks to greater material stability

Dry-operating lead screw technology

  • Lubrication- and maintenance-free
  • Insensitive to dirt, dust and wet conditions
  • Temperature-resistant
  • Various shapes

Photovoltaics – Successfully in use

Tracker systems

Floating PV

Cleaning systems

Fixed installation

igus solutions for solar termal energy

Optimal energy yield from a solar thermal system requires high direct solar irradiation and consistently low cloud cover. Desert regions are the primary candidates. igus® offers a wide variety of solutions for tracking systems that can withstand the harsh outdoor conditions and thus avoid maintenance and downtimes.
The application areas of dirt-insensitive, lubricant-free plain and spherical bearings include parabolic trough and Fresnel collector power plants, solar power towers, and cleaning systems.

Solar thermal energy – Maintenance-free products

Fixed flange bearings with 2 mounting holes

  • For cleaning robot with revolving brushes
  • Compensation of misalignment
  • Corrosion-free and light
  • Easy to assemble

Fixed flange bearings with 4 mounting holes

  • For cleaning robot with revolving brushes
  • Corrosion-free and light
  • For temperatures from -30 to +80°C

Flanged bearings

  • Resistant to dirt and dust
  • Lubrication and maintenance-free
  • Excellent friction coefficients
  • Low moisture absorption
  • High media resistance
  • Resistant to edge pressure
  • Resistant to shocks and impacts

Pillow block bearing

  • On-site assembly
  • Maintenance-free, dry operation
  • For high static loads
  • Lightweight
  • High rigidity and durability

Heavy-duty bearings for loads up to 200MPa

  • Up to 200MPa static and 140MPa dynamic
  • Wear-resistant and dimensionally stable
  • Good media resistance
  • Lubrication and maintenance-free

Solar termal energy – areas of application

Parabolic trough

  • Lubrication and maintenance-free
  • Insensitive to dirt, dust, and wet conditions
  • Temperature-resistant
  • Various shapes

Quick assembly saves time

  • Misalignment compensation
  • Durable and reliable
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Wear resistance

Solar tower technology

  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Excellent friction coefficients
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Resistant to edge pressure, shocks, impacts, dirt, and dust

Solar termal energy – Successfully in use

Parabolic trough power plant

Fresnel collectors

Solar tower power plants

igus solutions for wind power

Wind turbines must function reliably in harsh weather conditions. igus® offers a wide range of solutions for wind turbines and their production facilities, transport, and assembly that help you improve your technology, reduce downtime, and cut costs. They include robust energy chains and flexible cables for torsional movements used in such applications as towers, azimuth systems, and blade adjustments.
Wear-resistant bar stock and heavy-duty plain bearings that require no lubrication or maintenance are ideal for blade adjustment and braking systems.

Wind power – Maintenance-free products

Twistable cables

Specifically designed for safe 3D movement in space

  • For torsion applications with +/- 360° with a cable length of 1m
  • Guaranteed for up to 36 months

Rotary movements in small spaces- 20 times around its own axis


  • Rotary movements of up to 7,000°
  • Rotary speeds up to 180°/s
  • Modular and easy to fill

Heavy-duty plain bearing

iglidur® Q2E

  • For loads well above 130MPa
  • Optimised for even better edge load absorption

3D energy chain for safe multi-axis movement

triflex® R

  • Defined bend radius
  • +/- 10° twist per chain link
  • High tensile strength

Wind power – Areas of application

1. Rotor lock systems

iglidur TX2 plain bearings

• Especially low wear in heavy-duty areas
• Up to three and a half times as wear-resistant as iglidur® TX1

2. Pitch actuators

iglidur TX1 plain bearings

• Up to 200MPa static and 140MPa dynamic
• Wear-resistant and dimensionally stable

3. Azimuth and rotor brakes

Individual elements made of iglidur® X or F

• Bar stock or injection-moulded parts
• High wear resistance and compressive strength

4. Azimuth adjustment

iglidur® W300 bar stock sliding elements

• Extremely wear-resistant
• Low coefficient of friction
• Resistant to dirt

5. Energy supply for nacelle

Modular e-loop energy chain system

• Modular system, easy to open
• Protects against impact due to robust PU outer body

6. Blade and azimuth adjustment

RBR rotating energy supply

• For high fill weights and confined spaces
• Rotation angle up to 900°

Wind power – Successfully in use

Maintenance platform

Cables, energy chains, and plain bearings in a WKA rotor maintenance platform

Energy chains guide the chainflex® cables to the “terra” platform’s numerous moving components.

The tarpaulins for weather protection are opened and closed with drylin® linear guides.

iglidur® tribo-tape is a lightweight solution to reduce friction during linear movements.

Plain bearings are installed on various axes. Lightweight, maintenance-free and lubrication-free operation and insensitivity to corrosion are major advantages here.

igus solutions for Hydro energy industry

Because frequent maintenance and failures due to material wear can have a negative impact on energy output, machine components used in hydroelectric power generation must withstand high loads, be resistant to salt water and UV radiation, and function continuously. igus® offers a wide range of customised solutions that help improve your plant’s technology. Wave power plants, hydroelectric turbines, and screening plants – the areas of application for plain and spherical bearings, lead screws, and energy supply systems in the hydroelectric industry are diverse.

Wind power – Maintenance-free products

Metallic rod end with stainless steel female threads

KCRM, iglidur® J bearing ring

  • Spherical ball for high lateral loads
  • Maintenance-free inner ring made of iglidur® J, right-hand threads

Lead screw and nut dimensions

dryspin® lead screw technology

  • Quiet, no vibration operation due to rounded tooth geometry, and up to 30% longer service life than conventional lead screws
  • Maintenance-free thanks to self-lubricating lead screw nuts and cost-effective manufacture (injection moulding)

Lowest coefficient of friction

iglidur® H370 plain bearings

  • Good wear resistance at high temperatures
  • Suitable for very high speeds
  • Very low moisture absorption
  • Excellent wear resistance under water

Complete energy supply system for screening plants

basic flizz® system

  • Low-maintenance, for travels up to 100m
  • Protection against weather and dirt exposure
  • Cost-effective, enclosed complete system

For adjusting blades in hydropower turbines

igubal® rod ends

  • Suitable for wet environments
  • Extremely low coefficient of friction in dry operation and very low stick-slip tendency

Higher efficiency for the energy generator, especially in point absorbers

dryspin® high helix lead screws

  • Quiet and vibration-dampening operation thanks to rounded teeth
  • Longer service life thanks to asymmetry

For use in point absorbers

iglidur® UW plain bearings

  • Extremely wear-resistant under water, tested and maintenance-free
  • For fast and constant rotation
  • Long service life

Energy chain for wave energy converter

e-chain® E4.1

  • Robust, quiet, modular
  • Hinged lids for quick cable insertion from both sides
  • Cable-friendly interior separation

Hydro energy – Areas of application

Point absorbers

Energy chain systems


iglidur® TX1 plain bearings (e.g.)

Screening plants

basic flizz® enclosed guide system

Oscillating water columns

such as iglidur® H370 plain bearings


igubal® rod ends (e.g.)

Wind power – Successfully in use

Uninterruptible power transmission on the tidal turbine

Tocardo’s developers were looking for a way to route cables safely from the turbine to the converter in the control cabinet and thus achieve the longest possible service life for the system. igus® provided the perfect solution with series E/4 e-chains®, which are corrosion-free, completely resistant to persistently damp environments, easy to install, and quick to open if a cable needs to be replaced.

Reliable energy supply, even in high swells

CorPower Ocean, a Swedish company, makes point absorbers that are light and compact and cope well with storms thanks to the innovative Wavespring Phase Control Technology. A cascade gearbox converts the buoy’s up-and down movement into rotational movement to drive a power generator. Energy is supplied within the buoy by two vertical E4.1 series e-chains® and chainflex® servo, power, and control cables.

First plastic WEC reliably moved with iglidur®

The Volta wave energy converter made by PolyGen Ltd in Chesterfield is the world’s first device for generating renewable energy from ocean waves and is made predominantly of plastic. For the flap axles, the developers were looking for bearings that could withstand the high mechanical loads and corrosive saltwater for as long as possible. They found the perfect solution at igus®: iglidur® flange bearings made of H370, a material developed specifically for wet environments.

Cable protection for sustainable energy solutions

PMA provides an extensive range of cable protection solutions tailored for high and low frequency technology, as well as for fiber optic cables. With 45 years of expertise in designing and manufacturing cable protection systems, we ensure top-notch solutions suitable for various power generation applications, including those powered by water, wind, sunlight, or gas.

Cable protection for wind turbines

Cable protection for solar installations

PMA Solutions for the energy industry

Success stories with PMA cable protection

Energy consumption of Umwelt Arena Schweiz reduced by 30%.

Using energy efficiently and in a sustainable manner – this is one of the biggest challenges of our times. As a key partner of Umwelt Arena Schweiz, ABB brings its extensive know-how into the picture. So for example, the PMA conduits are used in the building-integrated photovoltaic installation to protect DC power cables.

One of the world’s highest photovolatic systems delivers renewable energy.

Romande Energie is constructing a floating solar power plant in the Alps using ABB’s medium and low voltage equipment ideally suited to the harsh conditions found in high mountainous regions.