Solutions for heavy-duty & construction machinery

Components in construction and heavy-duty machinery are exposed to high loads, vibration, cold and dirt. Through our supplier igus, we provide robust plastic solutions, designed to withstand these harsh environments and demands. To ensure reliable operation without downtime, all components are designed for maximum availability.

We offer plastic solutions for cable protection and guidance, cables for highly dynamic continuous motion, and bearing systems tailored to your industry. All products are tested under practical conditions in the largest test lab of its kind at our suppliers headquarter in Cologne, Germany.

e-chains® – designed to guide and protect.

Benefits of e-chains for the construction equipment industry:

  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • Resistant to many construction materials, such as bentonite
  • Can handle high loads up to 600 kg/m
  • Corrosion and UV resistant
  • No easily lost parts like screws, bolts or rivets

e-chains from igus serve as the “lifeline” of modern machinery, reducing downtime and extending the lifespan of cables and hoses. Since 1971, igus has been developing, manufacturing and testing plastic energy chains. 

These e-chain systems transport sensitive bus, data, and fiber optic cables, along with various forms of energy such as electricity, gas, air, and hydraulics. They are integral to the smooth and efficient operation of modern machines.

Selected e-chain solutions for heavy-duty and construction

triflex® 3D e-chain

  • Moving along all axes

e-chain series E4.1

  • Resistant to shocks and vibration
  • Tough, low-noise, modular
  • Resistant to dirt, chemicals and high temperatures
  • Corrosion and UV-resistant
e-loop cable guiding in vertical applications for protection of cables and hoses. An alternative to service loops for hanging applications.

Plastic-steel hybrid e-chain

  • 50% stronger than pure plastic e-chains
  • Nearly 50% lighter than a comparable pure steel chains
  • High tensile strength
  • Easy installation
e-loop cable guiding in vertical applications for protection of cables and hoses. An alternative to service loops for hanging applications.

e-loop for hanging applications

  • Resistant to weather and dirt
  • Protects against impact
  • Add/replace cables, even during operation
  • Easy assembly and disassembly

chainflex® cables – long service life and 36-month guarantee.

Flexible cables used in e-chains require specific features to endure numerous cycles, high speeds, and accelerations, as well as challenging environmental conditions. Today, electromagnetic compatibility and adherence to standards and guidelines such as DNV, UL, CSA, VDE, Inter- and Profibus are expected.

The chainflex product line includes a variety of cables compatible with e-chains, ranging from control cables, servo cables, motor cables, and robot cables, to bus cables, data cables, encoder cables, and fiber optic cables. These cables are designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern machinery.

Benefits of chainflex cables for the construction equipment industry:

  • Flexible down to -40 °C, UV-resistant, oil resistant
  • Specifically designed for highly dynamic movements in e-chains
  • Special design prevents cable failure and “corkscrewing”
  • Numerous approvals, e.g., in accordance with UL, EAC, DNV
  • 36 months guarantee for chainflex cables (according to igus specifications)

Selected chainflex solutions for heavy-duty and construction

Single core motor cable

Shielded and unshielded single core motor cables for demanding requirements.

Data cables

For all throughput data systems in e-chains® applications. Even with large cross sections.

e-loop cable guiding in vertical applications for protection of cables and hoses. An alternative to service loops for hanging applications.

Control cables

PVC, PUR, TPE – for all application areas Shielded and unshielded cables.

plain bearing for high mechanical loads: injection-molded iglidur Q3E plain bearing ensures lubrication-free maximum load capacity perfomance in efficient high-volume production.

iglidur® – lubrication free with high-perfomance plastics.

The central idea of all igus® products is to require no lubrication or maintenance, thereby reducing costs and increasing service life. All standard components available in stock and delivered promptly. iglidur® plastics have undergone extensive testing for wear, friction values, and other pertinent material properties. 

Benefits of iglidur® for the construction equipment industry:

  • Dry-running, lubrication-free and dirt resistant
  • Can handle high edge loads and surface pressures up to 250 MPa
  • Very lightweight
  • No corrosion
  • Special dimensions and designs

Selected bearing solutions for heavy-duty and construction

igutex – fibre composite plain bearings

  • igutex TX1: robust, all-round material
  • igutex TX2: perfect for hard shafts
  • igutex TX3: for continuous operation at the highest loads

iglidur Q2 – plain bearing for high load capacity

  • Good abrasion resistance at high loads
  • Specially developed for heavy-duty pivoting applications

iglidur Q3E – high-load plain bearing for large quantities

  • Made from two components with excellent tribological specifications
  •  High mechanical resilience with low wear

Success stories with igus components in construction machinery.

Clever solution for dumpers exposed to heavy loads

Components used: Control cable, Bus cable, Three-dimensional movable energy chain

The triflex R e-chain, together with chainflex cables, ensures smooth turning and control of the driver’s seat in the AUSA dumper, even during continuous operation. The chain is specifically engineered for 3D movements, boasting high tensile strength and remarkable flexibility.

Additionally, a chainflex CF77.UL.D control cable is utilized, which is highly resistant to abrasion and perfectly suited for handling particularly high loads. This combination of components ensures reliable and efficient operation under demanding conditions.

Pulley module for excavator

Components used: Double joints, Fixed flange bearings, Thrust washers, Aluminium shafts for a pulley module

A pulley module that is affixed beneath an excavator boom and is capable of moving earth out of pits as deep as 65 metres. All components are designed to endure weather conditions, dust, and severe impacts. For this reason, the design engineers opted for igubal W300 double joints, iglidur P fixed flange bearings, iglidur G thrust washers, and drylin R aluminium shafts.

The pulley module, designed for a conventional 40-ton hydraulic excavator, consists of a winch module and a hose reel. Weighing just under 7 tons, it is attached to the excavator’s boom using a quick coupling system. Additionally, there is a guide roller module that is also affixed to the end of the bucket’s shovel using a quick coupling system.

Special flexibility under adverse conditions in drilling rigs

Components used: E4 e-chain, RBR system, Chainflex cables

The drill’s maximum mast height, with the auxiliary mast, is 36 metres. The chain traverses a distance of 8.10 m on the mast. Given that the protective cage on the drill head folds downward when in the driving position, the chain must be flexible in both directions where the basket folds by 90°.

This requirement is effortlessly met by the E4 chain, which employs what are known as RBR elements in the relevant zones. RBR stands for “Reverse Bend Radius”. Three of these elements are installed in the chains of these drilling rigs, ensuring optimal flexibility and functionality under demanding conditions.