Our suppliers

Through our suppliers we provide high quality technical products for flexible energy supply and mechanical function and protection.

Our aim is to provide reliable products at the best price for your application. Our partners are certified ISO-9001 and other, which gives security for our customers. Products are tested and have warranty.

Engineering with tribo-plastics. World leading in plastic energy chains, high flexible cables, composite bearings and linear guides.

Design, engineering and production of D-glide® composite bearings and supplier of certified friction materials.

High quality conduits and fittings for robotics, automation, rail and infrastructure.

Joysticks, encoders, pendants, footpedals and resistors for crane, train and ship.

THE brand for monitoring devices for conveyor engineering.

Metal conduit systems with fittings. Kopex-Ex for Atex areas.

Steel Drag Chains for cable and hose management.

EV charging Solutions. Dynamic load management and user control.